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Me: I want to lose weight
Me: I want skinny legs
Me: I want a flat stomach
Me: I want to be thin
Me: *Sees mcdonalds*
Me: yolo

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Wow, would you look at that.  It’s a family watching a nice movie.  Nothing weird about that, right?


The Williamson family wanted to take a picture of themselves enjoying their new TV.  Turned out this photo of them would be the last one ever taken.  The entire family was found dead the next morning.  Don’t believe me?  Look in the upper-left corner of the photo.  Do you see it?  That’s the thing that murdered the Williamson family.

It tore off the skin of each of its victims and left a trumpet in their hands.  When their bodies were found by the police the next morning, the words “doot doot” were found scrawled in blood on the TV and all over the walls.

Tonight this menace will come for you too unless you reblog this within the next ten minutes. 

THIS IS NOT FAKE!!!  Reblog this.  Stay safe.  And if you hear a faint “doot doot”, there’s no point in running.   Because there’s nothing you can do to escape it.

no don’t you dare bring this back i swear to god

doot doot

pls i want everyone to be safe

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Louis’ grandma passed away today. Let us take a moment to appreciate what an amazing lady she was and is.

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Directioners made it to round 3 in Last Fans Standing! Reblog this gif—the top 3 gifs with the most notes at 4:30 pm EST move on to the final round.

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